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Welcome to St. Joe First!

We are a United Methodist Church with a vision to CONNECT–LEARN–SERVE…

We believe this process begins when we first connect to God, usually by the invitation of someone else. As we come to know the love of Christ in our lives, we develop a natural hunger and thirst to learn his Word and what it means to be his followers.  This process then comes full circle as we each make the choice to serve God and others by reaching out and sharing some of what has been imparted to our lives with those who are hungry for the truth.

Why do our members love St. Joe First?

“Friends, music, educational opportunity, beautiful sanctuary, mission opportunities, outreach activities …we are a praying church and we love to eat!”

“I have truly encountered God here – in worship, study, service and fellowship.”

“I always feel closer to God at this church. I’m built up, renewed and welcomed.”

“The music is UNMATCHED at St. Joe First! Thank you for the gifts that have been shared.”

“Sunday morning worship and a great small group Bible study. Meets my needs!”

“Friendly people, lots of activities and opportunities to serve others.”

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